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Wilder Diamond Blades Wilder Diamond Blades specializes in large diameter diamond blade manufacturing re-tipping. We are family owned and operated with over 60 years of experience in bluestone, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and construction industries. Our owners and technicians have traveled extensively in the US and Canada to re-tip and straighten blades that our competitors claimed were un-repairable. We have a vast knowledge of most stones in the US and Canada, and our technicians have been trained in diamond segment re-tipping and German hammer smithing. Our goal is to help make your business more profitable with the most efficient and longest lasting tools on the market.


circular diamond blades
Circular Diamond Blades


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Diamond Wire

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Diamond Segments

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Diamond Bricks

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Resin Metal Polishing Bricks

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Core Bits

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Drill Bits

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Turbo Blades

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CNC Tools

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Cup Grinders

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Resin Polishing Pads

Wilder Diamond Blades specializes in manufacturing large diameter diamond saw blades and thin gang blades, but we also supply diamond wire, small diameter diamond saw blades, turbo blades, diamond profiling wheels, CNC router bits, cup grinding wheels, carbide drill bits, polishing pads, calibrating wheels, and other stone tools.  Go to Diamond Blades & Tools.

Concrete saw blades and core drills are a specialty of Wilder Diamond Blades.  We supply the best diamond saw blades and core drills designed for the construction and concrete industries.  We manufacture premium quality diamond blades for walk-behind concrete saws, wall saws, or hand held concrete cutting power saws.  Concrete grinding wheels and concrete polishing pads are available in most grits, sizes and manufacturers.   Go to Concrete Blades & Tools.

Diamond Blade Re-tipping Services are available in our shop or on your work site. We can replace diamond segments and repair diamond saw blades up to 13 feet in diameter.  We can re-tip bluestone, granite, concrete, marble, sandstone, and limestone blades. We use heat induction to install segments, which allows us to control the heat used to solder the segments to the blade. If the blade is determined to be worn out, we can manufacture any size diamond saw blade a you may need. We can also re-tip core barrels with new diamond segments for core drilling stone or concrete. Our technicians travel the US and Canada to service larger diameter saw blades. If your saw is not performing as you think it should be, please give us a call and we will try to diagnose your problem over
the phone. If we can't solve the problem then we will travel to your location..  Go to Diamond Blade Re-tipping Services.

We offer unmatched service and knowledge in the stone cutting industry and are committed to customer satisfaction, loyalty and integrity. Go to Wilder Diamond Blades Contacts.


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